March 18, 2018

Chef Joseph Poon - Master Chef - Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA

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Team Building Tours

Chef Poon’s Team Building Event for 2018 is a Chinatown Tour with a social meal at one of his favorite Chinatown restaurants with Chef Poon. Stir Fry team cooking events may also be available.

Cooking Team events will not be held in 2017 because of a heavy travel schedule for Chef Poon which limits his time in his beloved Philly Chinatown.

Chef Poon’s  popular events have helped build camaraderie

Team events  consist of a Wok ‘n Walk Tour of Philadelphia’s Chinatown and a social lunch or dinner with Chef Poon at one of his favorite Chinatown venues.


What a great success! My team and I had an absolutely fabulous time during our team building event with Chef Poon. My group is still chatting about it in the hallways. Your enthusiasm, preparedness, well-timed anecdotes and dynamic agenda were the recipe for an extremely unique and fun corporate event.

— Jeff Kozloff, President – VERILOGUE