February 25, 2017

Chef Joseph Poon - Master Chef - Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA

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Team Building Tours in 2017

Chef Poon’s Team Building Event for 2017 is a Chinatown Tour with a social meal at one of his favorite Chinatown restaurants with Chef Poon.

Cooking Team events will not be held in 2017 because of a heavy travel schedule for Chef Poon which limits his time in his beloved Philly Chinatown.

Chef Poon’s  popular events have helped build camaraderie

Team events in 2017 will consist of a Wok ‘n Walk Tour of Philadelphia’s Chinatown and a social lunch or dinner with Chef Poon at one of his favorite Chinatown venues.


What a great success! My team and I had an absolutely fabulous time during our team building event with Chef Poon. My group is still chatting about it in the hallways. Your enthusiasm, preparedness, well-timed anecdotes and dynamic agenda were the recipe for an extremely unique and fun corporate event.

— Jeff Kozloff, President – VERILOGUE