November 27, 2022

Chef Joseph Poon - Master Chef - Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA

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Demonstrations & Appearances

Chef Joseph Poon:  A Unique Teacher and Celebrity Chef

Chef Poon makes appearances at culinary institutions, Major warehouse and food chain grand openings, community Race for the Cure events,  schools, universities, conferences and more.  You never know where you may find Chef Joe carving watermelons, working the crowd at trade shows, appearing at Asian cultural celebrations and festivals or walking the streets of Chinatown hosting his Wok ‘N Walk Tours.  He lightens up the room whether it’s your organization’s meeting, annual dinner, CNY celebration, cultural event or healthy eating presentation.  His background as a dietician and nutritionist as well as his vast experience in the culinary field for major restaurant chains and his own restaurants make him an excellent choice for a multitude of events.

Does your university have an Asian American Student Association or Club?  Chef Poon is available for events and appearances at your location.  His interactive dim sum and special “Make 10 dishes from one…” cooking demos and presentations keep things fun, energetic. lighthearted and motivating.

Personalize your upcoming event with a produce carving or candy pulling demonstration as Chef Joe interacts with your guests or customers by getting them involved in his culinary carvings and entertainment and fun. Chef Joe is often found at National Watermelon Promotion Board sponsored events carving the Oh so healthy and delicious watermelon sculptures for which he has earned national and international recognition. Find out All About Watermelon and its benefits at:

Private & Corporate Events are a specialty. Contact us via this website for appearance and demonstration options for your next company or organization event at your location.



Chef Poon presented a Chinese New Year demonstration for the culinary students at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College  and various other culinary institutions. Chef Poon enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge and his international culinary skills with culinary students who will continue to succeed in the future and carry on many of these traditions.


What companies are saying about events with Chef Poon:

“Our entire team building event was fantastic! The group was engaged, entertained, and we learned a lot.  The tour was great, Chef Poon was awesome and a good time was had by all!”   – Cheryl M., office manager

“As you know, Joe is a personality like none other. The setup and timing were just what I wanted.  We all loved every minute.”    – Jan Albert